Frequently asked questions about the Corvallis Young Pros

Do I have to live or work in Corvallis?
No. Our events are typically held in Corvallis but we want people from the
surrounding communities to come as well. We are not only for Corvallis. We
have several people who live and work in Albany that join us on a regular

What happens at an event?
We are a casual group that gets together to network and connect with other
young professionals in the area. There are typically free appetizers and a
drink special you can purchase. The event usually goes from 5 to 8 p.m., feel free to drop in anytime and leave when you need to. If you’d like to stay the whole time, that’s great, too.

What is the cost to go to an event?
There are no membership dues and there is no cover charge to go to an event.
Sometimes we do special events that may require you to purchase a ticket
(i.e. An OSU Basketball game). An event at Golf City would have a social
area but if you wanted to play golf you would have to pay.

What do I have to do to attend?
Nothing, just show up. If you are part of our facebook page you can RSVP so
that people know you are coming but it’s not required to RSVP.

What age is considered “young”?
The typical age range of the group is 24-40 but we don’t discriminate. Come
to an event and check it out. We encourage all ages, including the young at

Is there a program at the event?
Sometimes we have a guest speaker or we give out prizes. We also allow the
venue owners to say a few words if they choose to. We try to keep the
presentations to just a few minutes so that you have more time to socialize
and network.

What type of guest speaker would you have at an event?
Someone from the community that is looking for volunteers or something else
that has to do with the area we live.

When do you meet?
Our events are almost always the 4th Tuesday of the month unless it’s close
to a holiday or we’re doing a special event.

How do I get on the board?
Contact a current board member and we’ll let you know when there will be an

How do I host an event?
Click Here to find out more.

Have an idea for an event?
Click here to send us a message.

How do I sponsor an event?
Click here to send us a message.