Hosting a Young Pros Event


Any facility that offers food service, we ask that they provide appetizers and a drink special to showcase their specialties. We want young professionals to get a taste of the restaurant so they want to come back for more. The drink special varies by restaurant. It could be 50 cents off all drinks, $2.50 pints or it could be a special mixed drink for $5.

If the venue does not regularly serve food and beverage, we ask that they partner with a local restaurant to provide food and beverages for the event. The beverages can be for purchase.

The events are promoted through our website, Facebook and Twitter pages and an e-mail announcement is sent to over 500 people who have signed up for our mailing list. At the event the host is encouraged to say a few words about their restaurant, just let CYP know ahead of time.

For more information, download details here

If you’d like to host an event, fill out the form below and let us know.

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